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A Little Of Our Story

The Swiss company SPONSER FOOD INC. was founded in 1988. Unsatisfied with the selection of sports nutrition products on the market at the time, two cyclists, Ernst Jucker and Robert Lutta, decided to create their own.

The response was overwhelming. Today, with over 120 products and its own research and development department, SPONSER® is the innovative leader in Switzerland in the field of sports nutrition.

Many professional athletes and organisers of sports events place trust in our products and sports nutrition experts in Wollerau; now in more than 30 countries, around 40 employees of the ISO-certified division ensure high-quality products and guarantee that customers benefit the most from their expertise in the field of nutrition and sports. In addition, our branch in Lindau on Lake Constance manages the whole export market in the EU.

At SPONSER FOOD INC every athlete matters, regardless of whether you’re a recreational, professional athlete or a team player: every athlete is a part of the SPONSER® community.

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C.P YOUNG AND ACTIVE TRADERS LTD is a company founded in 2011 to meet the high nutritional requirements of athletes in all sports.

The experience of its founders in the field of nutritional supplements goes back about 30 years. The athletes themselves, involved in the sporting activities, realized that there was a huge gap in the ideal supplemental diet for athletes, and not only.

Their vision was to offer the highest quality supplements to the Cypriot and foreign athletes at an affordable price.

This vision and goal came true with the conclusion of an agreement with one of the leading companies in the field of nutritional supplements. SPONSER EUROPE.

The approach to science, the innovation to a large extent and a strong market presence for many years has been a commitment and at the same time a distinction for the company. Through our partnership with SPONSER we have a wide range of products that optimally meet the needs of different types of sports. From fitness, bodybuilding and rehabilitation to preparation and competitiveness in the top races.

Our aim and goal is that the Cypriot athlete has the highest support in the nutrition of sports so they will be able to transform their goals and ambitions into practice.

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