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L-carnitine 270 mg/bar

Appropriate in cold as well as warm temperatures

Ideal as snack during leisure time and sport

BOX OF 15x40g

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CEREAL ENERGY PLUS BAR from Sponser®, appropriate as high quality cereal bar for all sporting activities.

Enriched with L-carnitine and magnesium.MCT, medium chain fatty acids are an alternative source or energy and can be absorbed into the blood directly by the body, bypassing the usual metabolic pathway, and delivered to the mitochondria as a fuel.

Thus, the MCT fat is a further usable energy source, particularly on long distances.

Application & Preparation

Appropriate as high-quality energy snack during sporting activities and leisure time.


Cereals 23% (oat, rice, corn), sucrose, vegetable fat (palm, coconut, sunflower), infused cranberries 9%, dextrose, soy kernels, glucose syrup, fructose, milk powder, protein powders (milk, whey protein isolate, casein hydrolisate), coconut flakes, coconut and palm oil 2.7% (with MCT*), fructo-oligosaccharides 2%, humectant sorbitol, L-carnitine, salt 0.4%, acidulant citric acid, flavours, malt extract. May contain traces of nuts and other seeds.

Nutritional values


PER 100 G

PER BAR (40 G)

Energy kJ (kcal)

1875 (446)

750 (178)


18 g

7.2 g

of which fatty acids

– saturated (incl. MCT*)

– mono-unsaturated

– poly-unsaturated


13 g

3.0 g

2.0 g


5.2 g

1.2 g

0.8 g


58 g

23 g

of which sugars

36 g

14 g


4.0 g

1.5 g


11 g

4.5 g


0.55 g

0.23 g

Per 100 g (40 g): L-Carnitin(e) 680 mg (270 mg), MCT* 2.6 g (1.0 g)

*Medium-chain fatty acids

Developed and produced in Switzerland

Additional information

Weight 600 g


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  1. Alexia

    As a woman who gives attention to the body, I always trying my best to keep in shape. This high quality cereal bar is always in my bag next to my perfume 🙂

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