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Vegan protein composition without animal components

Innovative protein composition based on pea, rice, yeast, chickpea and sunflower seeds

Gluten free, lactose free

More than 20 g protein per portion


SPONSER® VEGAN PROTEIN connect protein sources out of pea, rice, yeast, chickpea and sunflower seeds to a high-quality vegan protein powder, which delivers a complete amino acids spectrum and more than 20 g protein per portion.

The innovative protein composition of pure vegetable sources provides a balanced amino acids profile.

Protein supports growth and maintenance of the muscle mass.

Rich on fibres per portion. The combination protein-dietary fibres makes Vegan Protein to a valuable supplement within the frame of a Low Carb diet.

Application & Preparation

Ideal for protein supplementation, daily 1-2 servings in case of vegan diet, milk protein allergy, lactose intolerance or coeliac disease (gluten intolerance).

2 scoops (30 g) + approx. 300 ml of water in a shaker.
According to preference, additionally refine with fruits, fruit juice or cocoa powder.


Ingredients NEUTRO: Protein powder 96% (pea, rice, yeast [saccharomyces cerevisiae], chickpea, sunflower seeds), vanilla extract with natural vanilla flavour, thickeners (guar seed flour, xanthane), sweetener steviol glycosides.

Ingredients CHOCOLATE: Protein powder 86% (pea, rice, yeast [saccharomyces cerevisiae], chickpea, sunflower seeds), defatted cocoa powder 11%, flavour, thickeners (guar seed flour, xanthane), sweetener sucralose

Nutritional values

Neutral  – Chocolate 480g


NUTRITION FACTS                                                                  per 100 powder                                      per portion (30 g)

Neutro                     Choco                      Neutro                     choco

Energy kJ (kcal)                                                                       1660 (393)              1648 (391)              498 (118)                495(117)

Fat                                                                                           7.2 g                        7.7g                         2.2 g                        2.3g

  • of which saturated fatty acids 4 g                        2.0g                         0.4 g                        0.6g

Carbohydrates                                                                         4.5 g                        4.3g                         1.4 g                        1.3g

  • of which sugars 9 g                        0.3g                         0.3 g                        0.1g

Fibres                                                                                      5.3 g                        8.3g                         1.6 g                        2.5g

Protein                                                                                    76 g                        72g                          23 g                        22g

Salt                                                                                          3.10 g                      2.95g                       0.93 g                      0.89g



AMINO ACIDS                                                                         per 100g powder                                    per 100 g pure protein

                                                                                                NEUTRO – CHOCOLATE                          NEUTRO – CHOCOLATE

Essential                 Histidine                                                  1.80 g      –               1.68g                       2.37g       –               2.21g

Isoleucine                                                 3.58 g     –               3.38g                       4.71g       –               4.45g

Leucine                                                    6.17 g     –               5.81g                       8.12g       –               7.64g

Lysine                                                       4.38 g     –               4.11g                       5.76g       –               5.41g

Methionine + cystine                               2.34 g     –               2.19g                       3.08g       –               2.88g

Phenylalanine + tyrosine                         7.23 g     –               6.82g                       9.51g       –               8.97g

Threonine                                                2.70 g     –               2.56g                       3.55g       –               3.37g

Tryptophan                                              0.82 g     –               0.76g                       1.08g       –               1.00g

Valine                                                       4.22 g     –               4.00g                       5.55g       –               5.26g


Non-essential         Alanine                                                    3.51 g      –               3.31g                       4.62g       –               4.36g

Arginine                                                  6.23 g      –               5.83g                       8.20g       –               7.67g

Aspartic acid                                           7.87 g      –               7.44g                       10.36g     –               9.79g

Glutamic acid                                          13.00 g     –               12.3g                       17.11g     –               16.18g

Glycine                                                    3.14 g      –               2.97g                       4.13g       –               3.91g

Proline                                                     3.37 g      –               3.16g                       4.43g       –               4.16g

Serine                                                      3.59 g      –               3.40g                       4.72g       –               4.47g

Additional information

Weight 500 g

Chocolate, Neutro

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