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Interview with the Ukrainian pro-triathlete Yuliya Yelistratova

Yuliya Yelistratova is one of the most recognised and experienced ITU triathletes. The Ukrainian athlete has already claimed several ITU World Cup podiums, besides making it to three Summer Olympics already (Beijing, London and Rio). SPONSER has met the 31 one year old pro-triathlete who is right aiming to qualify for her fourth Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo.

Yuliya, how was your season for far and what are your key races coming up this year?

I feel rather fit this season and showed consistent results on my way to qualify for Tokyo 202; including 5th place in Karlovy Vary World Cup and 10th in Weert European Championships. I have done another great training camp in the altitude recently, and now aiming for results on the podium. My key races in the end of this season will be the World Cups in Lima and Santo Domingo, both in November 2019. At the same time I will do several European Cups in order defend my leader’s position in the European ranking.

What importance does nutrition in general have in your daily life and also as an athlete?

Most of the people have big loadings today. I always take care of what I eat, but it’s not possible to get all necessary vitamins and amino acids with the food. Especially when training hard and racing, the body needs additional supplements. People should take high quality nutrition in order to stay healthy and happy, and athletes also in order to achieve their goals.

What is the best nutrition tip you can give to athletes in general and triathletes in particular?

It’s very important to be confident in the quality of nutrition that you have. That is why I’ve chosen Sponser. Ideally to have nutritionists who would recommend products and quantity based on your lifestyle and body characteristics.

Which three Sponser products are your favourites and why?

Hard task to highlight only three, as many of them are very important to me. But if I would have to choose:

1. LIQUID ENERGY PLUS. It helps me to do my best for the races supplying with fast energy and caffeine. It’s very handy to use, indispensable during competitions and helps me during hard training as well.

2. LONG ENERGY. This smart product helps me to train efficiently, giving opportunity to keep important volumes and intensity.

3. PRO RECOVERY. It takes care about my recovery after intensive training sessions or competitions, providing necessary proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids.