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As a Swiss sports nutrition developer, SPONSER SPORT FOOD is renowned for high-quality and innovative products
since over 30 years. Specific training stimuli are the basis for muscle building. Your functional workouts will
ultimately allow you to build up a maximum of lean body mass while reducing body fat at the same time. Products
that support recovery and efficient training units help you to achieve your goal.


BETA ALANINE: BETA ALANINE supports you during high-intensity training sessions and in preparation for competitions. For maximum power and boost!
CREATINE: For best strength and weight-lifting performance.


PRO RECOVERY: Before training is after training. Support your muscle protein synthesis with high-quality protein about 30 minutes before training.
ACTIVATOR: Performance supplement for an aggressive and concentrated workout. Caffeine has a performance-enhancing effect. Ideal time of intake approx. 30 minutes before training.
PRE WORKOUT BOOSTER: Multi-nutrient supplement for maximum power boost.
– optimized NO formation for pump and increased oxygen utilization grace to polyphenols and bioactive peptides
– 100 mg caffeine for power and focus
– with zinc and vitamins supporting metabolism towards recovery and muscle resynthesis


COMPETITION: Acid-free sports drink with a broad carbohydrate spectrum and electrolytes for sustained energy supply.
LIQUID ENERGY: Energy from a tube, available in different versions. The best digestible and convenient energy gels available to avoid hitting the wall during your workouts.
HIGH ENERGY BAR: The popular cereal bar with short, medium and long chain carbohydrates. The ideal solid food for a staggered energy supply.


PRO RECOVERY PROTEIN DRINK: SPONSER offers a wide range of high-quality recovery and protein products: important for effective training adaptation and rapid recovery, suitable for the basic supply in everyday life, as well as for a targeted intake before, during and after training and competition.